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Publishers Weekly: The Deals You Don't See

Publisher Shells Out for Crime Novel by Retired English Teacher in “Nice” Deal
Small Press Throws Down for Middle-Aged Poet’s Chapbook in Three-Figure Deal
47-Year-Old Mother of Three Sells Debut Novel in 1-Book Deal
Trade Publisher Quietly Acquires Midlist Author’s Sixth Romance Novel in Low-Key Deal
Venerable Press Finally Makes Offer on Literary Novel It Has Been Sitting On For Eleven and a Half Months
** Friends: publishing is not all six-book mega-deals and twenty-year olds winning national book awards. Most book deals are small-to-medium, and most people getting book deals are not teenaged geniuses, contrary to what you read online.

You are valid if you are 20 or 32 or 47 or 64 or 71, if your advance is three hundred bucks or ten thousand, if you are fashionably obscure or completely unknown. The models are Photoshopped.

what would Tsitsi do? thoughts on filtering in the age of how-to

In moments of writerly desperation, INTERN has been known to go on wretched binges of advice-seeking, looking for answers in all the wrong places: cheesy novel-writing handbooks, questionable blog posts, even more questionable collections of "tips" on character arc and theme. She clicks through tab after tab in a terrible fever, not even reading but scanning, scanning, scanning, looking for the article that will say, "hey INTERN, on page 213, your character really needs to have the opposite reaction of the one she's having now." At the end of such a session, she feels drained and sheepish and no better equipped to tackle the problem at hand than she was when she started—yet the very next time a quandary appears, it's back to the search engine and the 808.8 shelf in the library again.

We live in a culture of how-to, and INTERN has been as guilty as anyone at encouraging it. The internet has taught us that there ought to be a certain type of answer for every…