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giveaway winners!

Hello everybody! Hilary here. Lao Tzu has given me the following list of winners for Monday's giveaway, which he came up with by consulting oracular chickens à la Lloyd Alexander. If you are one of the lucky winners, e-mail me at internspills[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize. Winners can choose either a query critique or a handwritten, personal, very special letter from Morocco, and if you don't actually want either of those things please feel free to give the prize to someone else. If you would like a letter, please provide your address.

The Winners
1. Tom Franklin 2. Miss Sharp 3. Mel 4. Taryn 5. NN 6. Hazel 7. Khanada 8. Schietree 9. Mirka Breen 10. tracyworld 11. Maine Character 12. sllynn 13. Priya Sridhar

I would also like to take the liberty of reposting the following note from a certain gentleman astrologer who was kind enough to supplement Lao Tzu's mystical analysis of WILD AWAKE's May 28 pub date with the following:
"The cool thing is, May 28 actual…

WILD AWAKE cover reveal & mystical revelations

Greetings! It is I, Lao Tzu, ancient poet born from a shooting star, here to analyze the mystical significance of this Cover Reveal. Hilary tells me most modern people no longer bother to consult a sage about the details of their book launches; this is a very big mistake! Most supremely unwise! Most contrary to the Way! Without the wisdom of sages, how will you know the true meaning of anything? Lucky for Hilary, I came back from outer space just in time to drop some wisdom on WILD AWAKE. See for yourself...

Mystical Significance of Cover:
Aaaah. I see that she is becoming one with the Suchness, as represented by the transparency of her body against the cityscape. But is she achieving mystical union…or losing herself?
Furthermore, I note the prominence of the color orange—a revealing color indeed. Is it sunset or sunrise? The beginning or the end? Or have such distinctions fallen away in the divine chaos of ultimate transcendence? What is truth? Who can say? LAO TZU GETTING AGITATE…

update: cover reveal details!

As mentioned yesterday, the folks at Harper have given me the green light to share the cover for WILD AWAKE as of this Monday, October 8th. Hurray!

I am writing this from a public computer with one of those freaky countdown timer things that log you off after twenty minutes, ten of which I have already spent re-writing the previous sentence several dozen times and five of which I have spent staring at the countdown timer and feeling rushed, so I will keep this short, BUT:

In celebration of said cover reveal, I will be offering THREE lucky winners a query critique and TEN lucky winners a handwritten, personal, very special letter from somewhere in Morocco. I am an exuberant letter-writer (ask any of my penpals) and will endeavor to use only the prettiest Moroccan stamps.

If you would like to win a query critique or a handwritten, personal, very special letter from Morocco, all you have to do is leave a comment on Monday's cover reveal post. You don't even need to say anything …

twenty-six (or, space-weasels, aloe, and the deeply confusing blackberry patch of the mind)

Things are a little nuts here in real actual Hilary-land, because Techie Boyfriend and I have just decided to go to Morocco for the winter and possibly forever. Naturally, we have allotted ourselves approximately four and a half minutes in which to move out of our mountain cabin, renew our passports, and find a new home for our long-suffering Norfolk pine, because lots of panicked last-minute scrambling is just how we roll. If you live in Northern California and would like a Norfolk pine, as well as an aloe plant and several rain sticks (don’t ask) please get in touch.
This last year has been an interesting one, if by interesting you mean challenging, and if by challenging you mean “characterized by a constant parade of self-imposed crises.” I’ve never been an agonizer. I chose my university based on a glance at a pretty photograph. I moved in with Techie Boyfriend a few days after meeting him on a hitchhiking trip to San Francisco. I started writing the INTERN blog fifteen minutes a…