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Hello everybody! Hilary here. Lao Tzu has given me the following list of winners for Monday's giveaway, which he came up with by consulting oracular chickens à la Lloyd Alexander. If you are one of the lucky winners, e-mail me at internspills[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize. Winners can choose either a query critique or a handwritten, personal, very special letter from Morocco, and if you don't actually want either of those things please feel free to give the prize to someone else. If you would like a letter, please provide your address.

The Winners

1. Tom Franklin
2. Miss Sharp
3. Mel
4. Taryn
5. NN
6. Hazel
7. Khanada
8. Schietree
9. Mirka Breen
10. tracyworld
11. Maine Character
12. sllynn
13. Priya Sridhar

I would also like to take the liberty of reposting the following note from a certain gentleman astrologer who was kind enough to supplement Lao Tzu's mystical analysis of WILD AWAKE's May 28 pub date with the following:

"The cool thing is, May 28 actually has Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini, the sign of writing.  And any Venus-Jupiter conjunction is a blessing.
To top it off, Mercury, the winged messenger and ruler of Gemini, is conjunct Venus four days before, and conjunct Jupiter the day before, so both of those aspects will still be effect as well.
So it'll look like this, only with Mercury in place of the Moon."

(Have I ever mentioned that the coolest part about blogging is that people actually take the time to e-mail you with this kind of information?!? LIFE IS GOOD.)

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who commented, said hello on Twitter, provided astrological data, or otherwise made Monday a very happy day for me. May good fortune befall you all!


  1. My thanks to the oracular chickens!

    Looking forward to a letter with a funky stamp.

  2. I heart oracular chickens! Their eggs are very tasty.

  3. Actually, Hen Wen was an oracular PIG, not a chicken. (

    Even without The Wikipedia, you can trust me, I'm a Royal Prydanian. (

    Contact info is headed your way!

    -- Tom

    1. oh, I am SO EMBARRASSED! Hen Wen was totally an oracular pig. My twelve year old self is scowling at me and shaking her head...

      letter letter letter!

  4. At last we meet...

    Haste yee back ;-)


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