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WILD AWAKE news with a side of snurkleberry jam

Why hello!

I haven't shared much book news here, but lots of happy little things have been happening and it was time to give them a mention:

In Germany news:

WILD WACH verkauft Fischer Verlag in einer sehr schönen Deal—which is exciting, because now my German translator, Jenny, e-mails me every few days with queries like "on p. 22, what exactly are they smoking?" and "cannot find German word for 'snurkleberries,' please advise."

Fischer Verlage is an independent literary publisher that was founded in Berlin in 1886 by this dapper gentleman:

Note that he is smoking something (but what?) and has a pocket full of snurkleberries.

In Audio news:

The clever and talented Shannon McManus, whom you may remember from the audiobook of LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, will be narrating the audio version of WILD AWAKE. This is a picture I stole from her website:

That expression? Surprise and delight upon tasting a true snurkleberry for the first time.
In news concerning Ju…

snooping around in the forest: a writer's guide to mushroom hunting

Now that WILD AWAKE is coming out soonish, I have started to get interview questions like “What is your advice for aspiring writers?”
At first I was saying things like “carry a notebook, blah blah blah” but today I went for a walk in the woods on Bainbridge Island and I realized that my best advice for aspiring writers is to take up mushroom hunting. Mushroom hunting involves scandal and adventure and near-death experiences and brushes with the law, and most aspiring writers don’t get enough of that. In case of financial strain, mushroom hunting can also double as a day job, which can come in handy for aspiring writers too.
If you are willing to take me seriously on this matter, I will let you in on a few keen pieces of mushroom hunting advice.
When you start out mushroom hunting, you may get frustrated by advice you read in books. “Look under cottonwood trees,” says the mushroom guide, and you think, “WTF is a cottonwood tree?” “Search north-facing slopes,” says the guide, and you…

thank you card for 104 (and ARC winners!)

To everyone who entered the ARC giveaway contest: 
First, I wanted to send you each an ARC.
Then, I wanted to write you each an illustrated three AM note.
Then, because it would take me more than a hundred three AM's to do that, I made one big three AM note for all of you and here it is (YES, your name is on there if you entered the ARC contest!):

It really made my week to read all the comments, and consider taking bribes of Trappist underwear, and   all those gum-removing tips. Even if you did not win a physical ARC, if you peer closely at the secret symbols illustrations, it will almost be as good, because I have pretty much put all the important bits in there.

The three ARC winners are Alex Villasante, Ms. Snip, and Laurent. Please e-mail me your mailing address (internspills [at] gmail [dot] com) and whether or not you would like your ARC signed and personalized.


when you visit your publisher: an illustrated guide

As mentioned in Monday's ARC giveaway post, I just came back from a trip to NYC to meet with my editor, Molly O'Neill, and about a thousand other fine people at HarperCollins for the first time.
I had no idea what to expect from this visit. I fretted over it a little. If you are waiting on a publisher trip, perhaps you are fretting too. Fret no more! It turns out, visiting your publisher for the first time is more wonderful than you can possibly imagine. It is literally the stuff of fantasies. I am happy to report that all the glamorous things you were dreaming about are pretty much true.
In short:

1. You will meet your editor for the first time, and she will be valiant and wise.

2. You and your editor will go for lunch in a swanky restaurant, at which you will be so nervous and excited you can hardly eat your fancy salad.

3. Back at the publisher, you will be ushered to a big room that they have decorated with flowers (!) the same colors as your book (!!!)

4. ...and trays an…

ARC giveaway (but no #%@$ stickers!)

Dear friends,
Why hello! It's so good to see you again. Techie Boyfriend and I got back to the US about a week ago, whereupon I went to New York City for an unspeakably dreamy visit at HarperCollins, about which more in a future post. Now, we are crashing at Hippie Roommate's place (remember Hippie Roommate? She came into a rambling old house in the countryside which she is fixing up. I get to plant the flower garden!) while we figure out our next move.
I am in that exhilarating post-travel phase where I own precisely one hair elastic and one pair of socks, and had to borrow Hippie Roommate's underwear because I lost all of mine in the Lisbon airport and have been too busy writing Novel 2 to buy more.
I was planning to get exciting swag organized to give away with the ARCs—gift baskets! bags of fancy coffee to keep you 'wild awake' while reading! stickers! bookmarks! illuminated manuscripts hand-lettered by Trappist monks! But the stress of trying to put together …