WILD AWAKE news with a side of snurkleberry jam

Why hello!

I haven't shared much book news here, but lots of happy little things have been happening and it was time to give them a mention:

In Germany news:

WILD WACH verkauft Fischer Verlag in einer sehr schönen Deal—which is exciting, because now my German translator, Jenny, e-mails me every few days with queries like "on p. 22, what exactly are they smoking?" and "cannot find German word for 'snurkleberries,' please advise."

Fischer Verlage is an independent literary publisher that was founded in Berlin in 1886 by this dapper gentleman:

Note that he is smoking something (but what?) and has a pocket full of snurkleberries.

In Audio news:

The clever and talented Shannon McManus, whom you may remember from the audiobook of LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, will be narrating the audio version of WILD AWAKE. This is a picture I stole from her website:

That expression? Surprise and delight upon tasting a true snurkleberry for the first time.

In news concerning Junior Librarians*:

WILD AWAKE is a Junior Library Guild selection for 2013. What does this mean? I'm still not entirely sure, but they gave me this shiny thing:

*the Junior Library Guild does not actually consist of Junior Librarians, but wouldn't that be neat?In

In let's-hang-out news:

I will be at the 2013 ALA conference in Chicago this June 27-July 2nd, and possibly doing some other bookish things in Chicago that week. We should hang out! 

In other news:

A few weeks ago when I visited HarperCollins, I was startled to see stacks and stacks of ARCs which have since made their way into the world. Result: a million billion* people are now reading WILD AWAKE.

*this is an exact figure.

If you are also reading WILD AWAKE, send me a picture or post it to this Tumblr. Bonus points for intriguing locations, exotic animals, and extremely dour and/or blissful facial expressions. 

In where-the-heck-are-you news:

Washington! For now!


That is all!


  1. I got to read this as part of an arc tour and I loved it! I will definitely be downloading the audio once it comes out!

    Any chance you're going to be a BEA?

    1. aaah, thank you! I can't wait to hear the audiobook—the audition sample was very very good.

      no BEA this year! I'm saving up my conference-energy for Chicago :) maybe next year, though...

  2. Replies
    1. oh yesh...it's been so much fun. I am possibly more excited about the German edition than the English one (I mean, German! come on!) :)

  3. Great news!

    And...I'll be at ALA at the Harlequin-Mira booth signing until my fingers cramp on June 30--stop by and say, hey!

  4. "cannot find German word for 'snurkleberries,' please advise."

    Best line of the day^. Can't help you there.


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