thought of the day...

"Turtles rarely pass up a chance to lay in the sun on a partly submerged log. No two turtles ever lunched together with the idea of promoting anything. No turtle ever went around complaining that there is no profit in book publishing except from the subsidiary rights. Turtles do not work day and night to perfect explosive devices that wipe out Pacific islands and eventually render turtles sterile.Turtles never use the word "implementation" or the phrases "hard core" and "in the last analysis." No turtle ever rang another turtle back on the phone. In the last analysis, a turtle, although lacking knowledge, knows how to live. A turtle, by its admirable habits, gets to the hard core of life. That may be why its arteries are so soft."
 -E.B. White, Turtle Blood Bank, 1953

Wishing you all a turtle-y day.



  1. I love this; it made my day 100x better :D


  2. Fabulous. You gave me permission to crawl back into my shell...
    Moving slllloooowly~~~


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